Unique and one of a kind creations, with materials chosen for their beauty and features. Precious printed Italian silk fabric and unique luxury fibers are felted together with just the motion of the artist’s hands. Natural materials like pure olive oil soap and warm water are what Nadia needs to give birth to wearable art.


Nadia Bevegni, Italian felt maker and designer, creates unique handmade wearable art. Her creations are masterpieces in such differing techniques such as the ancient Wet Felting and the more light and fashionable Nuno or Laminated Felting.

Nadia chooses precious silk and other luxury fibers from Italy, where materials are made in some of the most famous Italian textile factories.

The more trendy printed fabrics are worked with craftsmanship into beautiful felted scarves, lightweight warm shawls, unique colorful accessorizes and jewelry.

Each creation is unique and one of a kind, materials are chosen for their beauty and features, the silk fabric is felted with the fibers just with the motion of the artist’s hands.

Natural materials such as pure olive oil soap and warm water are what Nadia uses to give birth to her creations.

Nadia’s ability as feltmaker has grown year after year. She started  wet felt making on the Italian and French Alps 6 years ago, now she’s mostly focusing  on the amazing process of the Nuno felting technique.

Nadia’s creations are made using a combination of the most ancient techniques for making felt, and the more modern techniques of texturing the fabric surface. With the natural Italian taste  for beauty, Nadia transforms each creation into a unique handcrafted piece of wearable art.